Internal regime regulation

1. For checkin all clientes must be identified by presenting their passports or national IDs. No visits will be allowed at the rooms or hotel facilities.

2. Payment of rooms should be done in advance at the time of checkin.

3. Room charge is according the occupation of a room. That means, that we charge a room as individual room when occupied by one person and that we charge the double rooms rate when occupied by two people.

4. You may check in your room from 14 o’clock onwards. Any arrival after 22 hours has to be notified. If we do not receive your notification of late arrival we will assume that your reservation has been cancelled and we will apply the cancellation fee that corresponds on credit card provided.

5. You have to leave you room latest at 12 o’clock. When leaving your room key has to be deposited with the receptionist. You are obliged to leave your room in a decent state making reasonable use of our facilities and room items. Any room items such as towels, batteries, ashtrays, cupes, cushions etc are hotel property and should stay in the room. We will charge you any damage or missing hotel items. Leave your key card upon leaving at the reception.

6. If you wish you ask us for late-checkout at reception. If available you may stay until 17 o’clock for an additional 15€ charge.

7. Smoking is not allowed in our facilities, nor in our rooms. If in-depth cleaning of the room is needed due to smoking, an additiontal amount of 50€ on provided credit card provided will be charged.

8. Be respectful towards hotel staff and other guests. We kindly ask you to respect the rest of other guests, keeping noise low, especially during the night.

9. Animals are not allowed except guide dogs.

10. The company is not responsible for the personal belongings of our clients.

11. The breach by clientes of any of the prohibitions and rules established in these regulations will empower the compay to request the eviction of the guests. The owner of the establishment may request assistance of the agents of the authority to evict guests. Guests that do not respect our internal regime will not be allowed to stay any further at our hotel.

12. Our restaurant is run by another company called Restauración y Catering Aitor S.L.U. It has its headquarters at Calle Montefrío s/n, 18220 Albolote (Granada). If needed contact them by phone at 669 828 917.

13. Hotel Philadelfia is managed by Complejo Industrial Philadelfia S.L. located at Calle Loja s,n, parcela 122 in 18210 Peligros (Granada). Contact us at 958 430 344 or directly at our reception.

14. We wish you a great stay.